Easa STC

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s4a Proyect Number STC Number STC Designation Aircraft Model Aircraft OEM Description
FAL0310061854XM weather system antenna installationFALCON 2000DASSAULT AVIATIONCI420-1 XM weather system antenna installation
32022310070031FliteByte WiFi system installationA318-111/-112/-121/-122 A319-111/-112/-113/-114/-115 A319-131/-132/-133 A320-211/-212/-214/-215/-216AIRBUSInstallation of WiFi system for passenger connection
B3900210073516WiFi system activationBeechcraft 390TEXTRONWiFi system activation
14505 CMS & WLAN in EMB-135BJ (RC)10065355Cabin management system and WLANEMB-135BJEMBRAERCabin management system (Rockwell Collins model) and WLAN installation
14517 Transponder & PC Power System Inst in EMB13510077485Installation of integrated communication unit and pc power systemEMB-135BJ EMB-135ER EMB-135LR EMB-145/-145EP/-145ER EMB-145EU/-145LR EMB-145LU/-145MK/-145MPYABORACommunication unit model RCZ-833K and power outlets installation
145_03610078055Iridium antenna installationEMB-135LR EMB-145LRYABORAMechanical installation of S67-1575-365 Iridium antenna
A120310042171Installation of Iridium satellite phoneC-212-200AIRBUSInstallation of D1000C SATCOM
A121910074962ADS-B and PBNC212-CB/-CC/-CD/-CE/-CF/ DD/-DE/-DF/-EE/-VAAIRBUSADS-B out and PBN as follows: RNP 4 RNP 2 RNP 1 RNP APCH (down to LNAV/VNAV minima and LPV minima)
A120610061246Installation of GPS repeaterC-212-CC/-DDAIRBUSInstallation of GPS repeater and GPS antennas
P2006T10062566FMS limitation removalP2006TTECNAMFlight manual supplement limitation removal because EO-AT-043 radar system installation