Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed day by day


S4A was founded based on ethical values where people are the most important element of the organization, with the goal of building an Enterprise model able to provide values and satisfaction for the team members and our collaborators and customers.

Corporate social responsibility department manages all the actions being carried out in this specific field, and its main mission is to implement and control our internal ethic code accomplishment within the company.

S4A ethic code sets up conditions for social responsibility in our relationships with all the actors we interactuate, with a basic premises of right and trustworthy treatment to people, an optimum personal and proffessional development and, of course, respect for the environment.


With its crew

S4A believes in people, recognizes their capability to constant improvement and support their responsability performance and their proffessional development.

Flexible and open organization

S4A offers a flexible and open organization to the proffessionals working for it, a personalized attention, based always in respect and a continued training to keep a high capacitation level.

Professional performance safety

S4A is commited to keep always processes and necessary precautions to guarantee the person safety for all its projects and during all the execution and operation phases.

Company responsible form a family standpoint

S4A is a company responsible with families. It proposes flexible formulas to be able to compatibilize working performance with family responsibilities.

Young proffesionals integration

S4A encourages integration of young people in the real working environment, since they work together with high experienced proffessional in the development of first class projects since they join the company.

With other entities

S4A is born with social service vocation that is shown on its innovative technological projects, which are a qualitative advance and contribute to improve people’s life quality.

Also through its commitment with social activities as volunteering, collaborations with Universities and direct contributions to other entities as non govermental organizations, which are working with the same goal of building a better society.

Collaborations with universities

S4A fosters academic excellence sponsoring scholarships and programmes in universities:

  • Cooperation in occupational programs with the most prestigious aeronautical engineer universities in Spain.
  • Scholarship for aeronautical engineering pupils with special needs.


S4A supports solidarity initiatives promoted by its personnel, which shows its strong commitment with the comunity.


S4A assigns in a yearly basis a certain amount of its Budget and its productive capability to donations, promoting projects linked to engineering, health, education, culture and development cooperation.


S4A quality, safety, environment and R+D+i policy, certified according to international standards, aims that the projects developed and processes and activities are achieved according to the expected quality level, respecting the environment and under adequate safety conditions.

S4A takes special care to comply with the requirements contractually agreed with customers, and the legal requirements specified on the applicable codes, regulations, standards, guidelines, etc to the international aeronautical sector, so as to comply with the requirements set up in S4A own procedures.


S4A have added to its corporate social responsability policy the goals for a sustainable development approved by the UN, whose purpose is to foster economical growth, work for the social inclusión, struggle against climatic change and to protect environment. S4A contribution to attain these goal are based on its commitment to the social progress, quality and person safety developing sustainable projects and an ethic corporative governance.

S4A is currently joining the following 4 goals

Health and Welfare

S4A sets up actively criteria and internal standards guaranteeing labor safety and health of all the people and its facilities in all the work activities and projects. Lined up with the principles and complying applicable regulations and legislation. S4A is a company adhered to the Luxembourg declaration.

Gendre equality

S4A has set up convergence criteria regarding training, responsibility and proffessional development between gendres and providing opportunity equality to proffessional development of any person.

Industrial, innovation and infrastructure

Innovation is one of the main values supporting corporate culture and S4A strategy; it stands out because advanced engineering and technological services are offered for all its activity areas. This innovative attitude is possible because of a continued investment in R+D+i and the talent of its team.

Production and responsible consumption

S4A assesses the impact of all its activities in the environment, designing solutions that respect such environment and provide economical growth and sustainable development. Hence, the company manages all its procedures complying with the set up regulations to ensure safety and environmental quality in its projects. Likewise, it has developed a managing procedure to deal with residues and to recycle materials and it fosters the responsible water consumption.


S4A demands an exemplar ethic behavior, likewise it is demanded to third parties. S4A bases its success on excelente technical solutions and it obligues itself to an excellent compliance with legislation and respect for the environment. In order to comply with this commitment, S4A has published its Ethics code in 2019.