Changes on the outside, to keep strengthening us inside

When we started our journey in 2007, in our minds we had many objectives, and we assure you that one of the priorities was not the corporate image… Things of engineers!

But over time we have realized that the image and what you project with it, is an aspect that really matters. Throughout these years we have been addressing this need while we were obtaining different achievements, such as:

  • Be the first company accredited in Spain by Spain as an Approved Design Organization (DOA).
  • That more than four thousand aircraft fly already with modifications developed by us.
  • That we have executed projects in the five continents.
  • That our workforce has grown considerably to reach 25 people.

And at this point a change was necessary, because we are not the same as we were 12 years ago when we started the activity, and that evolution we wanted to show also in our communication.

From this concern is born this new website, where in addition to talking about our services, we talk about who we are, our work philosophy and a part that we are deeply rooted in: professional ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

In addition, we have also opened this section, the blog, from where we plan to talk to you in a more personal way of our day to day, how we manage some of our projects, we will also introduce you to our team members and talk about other related topics with our activity that we think you may find interesting.

To complete all this, we have also renewed our corporate image. We have made a restyling of our brand, refining its lines while maintaining its essence and identity.

The changes have also been transferred to our offices, where by the hand of the designer and interior designer Andrés Tarazona, we have made a radical change to the space, turning it into a healthy environment in which we have taken into account vital principles so that the place where we spend so many hours facilitate our creativity, cohesion and expression of talent. All this, taking into account the practicality that we need in the day to day to develop our work.

We are happy with this new stage and we hope you enjoy all these news with us.

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