We launched the S4A scholarship for students of the ETSIAE

In S4A, we are very aware of the ETSI Aeronautics and Space of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, because in fact, 80% of our staff is made up of qualified professionals in this School. The ties are narrow and that is why we have taken a step further.

Within our CSR policy, in which we promote academic excellence through the sponsorship of scholarships and programs at universities, we have launched the first edition of the S4A scholarship, for students of the UPM ETSIAE who are enrolled in the last academic year, both in the Degree in Aerospace Engineering (GIA), and in the Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering (MUIA).

The scholarship, which may be requested until July 15, consists of an economic endowment of € 2,000 and hiring for an initial period of one year extendable, depending on the interests and performance of the grantee, to work in our offices in Madrid immediately after finishing the studies, and in the same conditions as the rest of our team.


Design work and modifications of aircraft

The work to be carried out by the grant holder will be those of a junior engineer, in the field of design and calculation of modifications on aircraft in service, which will provide labor experience in the aeronautical engineering sector and, more specifically, on the work of modifications and repairs of aircraft.

We do not necessarily look for the best file, because in fact, the election will take into account any exceptional circumstance, be it academic, social or personal. This differentiating element is part of our way of understanding the company and the management of the human team.


Apply for the S4A scholarship

To participate in this call, interested parties should send their request to our email hr@s4a.es including a brief introduction about your application, your CV and your transcript. If there is, it is also necessary to include any type of documentation that certifies the exceptional circumstances that will also be taken into account in the election of the scholarship holder (disability certificate, family income, etc.).

The deadline for receipt of applications will be July 15.

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